Image Minimalist One Floor

Creating images minimalist one-storey house is relatively easier than a terraced house. In other words, when the sketches, including the division of space and the design is then poured in the form of pictures of the house, is not as complicated as building houses two floors or more. Sure, we can make a sketch orRead More

Skin Sunburn, How to Recover?

Who else is planning a vacation to the beach, certainly know the consequences. So, no wonder all the combat equipment was taken. Leggings, sunglasses, and sunblock so mandatory items. Actually appropriate advice, anyone who wants to play around on the beach must be diligent slathering sunblock every half an hour or an hour. But thisRead More

BIM: A Vital Design Tool for Interior Designers


Building Information Modeling is being increasingly adopted by interior designers as a major design tool for various interior design sectors, including retail, commercial, the workplace, hospitality and the educational sector. The traditional design-bid-build process typically involved architects and engineers to represent the shell and interior architectural components using two-dimensional architectural drawings. Later, these architectural drawingsRead More