Activity Cut And Fill Oil Factory


In the oil palm mill construction, first conducted a site survey to consider water security (water quantity and quality) and the suitability of the land (topography and soil structure strength). These factors become a mandatory requirement feasibility of palm oil mill construction because it will largely determine the cost of future projects. In connection withRead More

Tips to Improve Land Survey


Many of you may not realize that a land survey is widely recognized as the world’s second oldest profession. The soil survey, simply stated, is the art and science of measuring and mapping land. While the entire scope of the soil survey is very comprehensive, it all ultimately means where the limits of people’s landRead More

Unique Facts About Catfish


Here are some unique facts about Catfish: 1. It is a fish that has a nocturnal nature, so that he will be active in the evening for foraging and during the day catfish will be silent to hide in dark places. 2. It can be consumed as food, in Iran, Iraq and some other middleRead More