Calibration of injector pumps


In a diesel engine injector pump has an important role for the process of spraying fuel into the combustion chamber. So if the results generated bursts perfect then pembkaran process perfectly well, and vice versa. However, with the continuous use of the performance of these devices is certainly going to decline.

To solve the problem it needs calibration or reset the diesel engine injector pump. Calibration of injector pumps aims to organize and maximize re-spray of diesel fuel in your car. Meanwhile, the calibration also regulate the supply of diesel fuel into the compression chamber through the nozzle.

2. Rearrange the density of the injection time

In addition to a need to re-set the injection pump you also need to do Penamabahan electronic signal at the fuel pump. This is so the signal Penamabahan fuel supply leading to the injection room is also getting optimal.

How can you do that with the advance of time (timing) injection.  Investasi Syariah It also serves to reduce the occurrence of false wind. Next you must set the valve to be more tightly.

3. Set turbines, turbo and intercooler.

Had the car that you have been using technology equipped devices commonrail and turbocharger / supercharger and intercooler, the next step you shall make adjustments on the device.

Interest adjustment Turbocharger is to raise the volume of air entering the combustion chamber. How adjustment is to improve turbine performance, it is in because any air entering the combustion chamber is driven by a turbine in the turbo / supercharger your diesel car.

Similarly for the intercooler, it cools the air will enter the combustion Investasi indonesia  chamber. And also that cold wind coming into the combustion chamber more. Thus pembkaran process that occurs can be perfect.

4. Clean or replace the filter

This is the same as that already Teknovanza argued above, but as we all know that the combustion process in the engine combustion chamber is in desperate need of air supply. So when oxygen is more, the combustion process is also increasingly perfect, and so is if otherwise.

Surely you know the role of the air filter is very important. So as much as possible try to choose a good air filter or minimal barriers. Examples such as the air filter model of open water.

This objective is to be able to compensate for the air supply bursts of fuel that is increasingly rapidly with the fuel pump has dikalibrasinya and accelerated spraying diesel fuel in your diesel car.

5. Add the maximize / piggybcak

Solution in case you are not sure of the above, it can also use the maximize or piggyback. Now these devices maximize / piggybcak been sold at many auto parts store with varying prices.

Tips Use of this device is the first consult the experts. As well as the advantages and disadvantages also examine if the use of these devices, and also know how to correct and safe installation.


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