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Photograph by: Carol Stewart Merle Norman of Simpsonville D espite years in the legal profession— As a licensed aesthetician she’s quick to point out where she often saw people at their that Merle Norman of Simpsonville isn’t merely a lowest points—Janice Curtis retained the retail outlet—it is THE place to go for scientifically 655 Fairview Road optimistic woman’s universal belief that a informed skincare services. “Beauty really does Simpsonville 864.962.1767 new lipstick can improve most any situation. need to be more than skin deep,” Janice says. “A tube of red lipstick brightens the whole With expertise extending well beyond her Monday-Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 10am-3pm world,” she laughs. “When you look good you boutique walls, she was recently appointed to automatically feel better.” the State Board of Cosmetology to help makeover Cosmetics When Janice began exploring more positive regulations for cosmetology licensing. “It’s so career opportunities, she didn’t settle for just exciting to serve at this level,” says Janice, whose one make-it-better shade—she got herself an husband sits on Simpsonville City Council. “It’s entire store! As owner of Merle Norman in her important we give back to our community.” hometown of Simpsonville, this former paralegal Away from Merle Norman of Simpsonville, Janice combines her business-savvy background with volunteers as executive director of the Miss America’s favorite brand of specialty cosmetics. Fountain Inn and Miss Simpsonville pageants. 28 behind the counter | 2012