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Photograph by: Monica Parkkenon Brown Mackie College A s the mother of three twenty-somethings, Burgess appreciates the student-focused mindset Karen Burgess knows a thing or two that drives decisions at Brown Mackie College. about college students. She also spent 28 “I tend to think of my career as helping people years running a non-profit college in the move on to opportunities in their lives,” she says. Philadelphia area. But as campus president of Brown “It’s a mission for me, and being in education Mackie College’s Greenville location, the students allows me to do that.” she serves are not rushing sororities or crashing keg Brown Mackie College - Greenville provides Two Liberty Square parties. “Our typical student is someone who didn’t broad-based education that combines general Greenville go to college right after high school but realizes in 864.239.5300 education courses with technical and business order to be self-sustaining and support their families training. They believe in a holistic approach to they need a college degree,” Burgess says, adding that higher education, and are here to help students greenville Brown Mackie offers 19 associate and bachelor degree academically succeed. The school’s administration, Continuing Education programs at its Greenville campus. Students can earn faculty, and staff are here to educate, support, and degrees in a variety of medical specialties, as well as encourage students to become the best they can be business administration, IT and accounting. – personally and professionally. 36 behind the counter | 2012