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behind the counter | 2012 49 S ince 1933, the Odom family has welcomed friends and neighbors to their soda fountain, and by the late 1950s, when this photo was taken, The Pickwick had been a local tradition for more than 20 years. Fast forward to 2012, and much has remained the same at The Pickwick. It’s still run by the Odom family – brothers Kelly and Chad e and Joe Mathis Late 1950’s ~ Edgar Odom with Ray are the owners, and their dad Dwight is a part-time pharmacist – and it’s still a favorite gathering spot, with a bustling soda fountain, dependable pharmacy and unique gift shop that has served generations of Greenvillians. The soda fountain brings in folks craving all-American classics: Duke’s sandwiches, shakes, malts and fresh-squeezed orangeade. They’ve maintained the old-time flair, but the pharmacy offers all of the modern conveniences: $4 prescription club, more than 200 money-saving generic medications, and they accept all major insurance plans. And unlike the chains, local customers can get delivery service and the expertise of pharmacist Keefe Ray, who grew up in his family’s Augusta Road butcher shop. Always eager to give back, The Pickwick frequently collaborates with area schools, and Kelly is currently president of the Augusta 2012 ~ Kelly Odom with Farrah & Mike Redmond Road Business Association. With Photograph by: Carol Stewart young children of their own, Kelly, Chad and Keefe look forward to introducing The Pickwick to a new generation – without losing the old- fashioned flavor customers love. 3219 Augusta Street, Greenville | 864.277.4180 |