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Photograph by: Monica Parkkenon Lance King L ance King and the team at Prime Lending the idea and the Prime Cares Fund was created in enjoy helping clients every day – so they September 2011. The Mauldin Prime Lending office decided to go a step further by giving clients donates .2% of every mortgage transaction up to a way to help the causes they care about $500 to each client’s non-profit of choice – and the most. client even gets the tax credit! The Prime Cares program allows employees to If a client chooses to participate in the program, make donations right from their paychecks to they simply fill out a donation election form and 211 E. Butler Road the non-profits chosen by clients. They can make choose the non-profit they would like to help. If Mauldin 864.349.0160 donations to a church, university or any 501(c)3 they choose not to participate, it doesn’t change organization. their rate or terms. King recently hit on the idea as a way of giving “This is a great way to help our clients while also Non Profit back to the community and offer customers helping organizations doing important work in the something extra – beyond fast, friendly service area,” says King. “It’s a win for everyone – we get by a proven performer in the mortgage lending to say thanks to our clients and help improve the industry. The parent company immediately liked place we are all proud to call home.” 54 behind the counter | 2012