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Photograph by: Monica Parkkenon Girl Scouts of South Carolina – Mountains to Midlands I n 1912, few roads were paved in Greenville, Currently, former Girl Scouts are 80% of Woodrow Wilson was president and women women business owners, 68% of women in the were still eight years from winning the right U.S. Congress, and five of six women who are to vote. That’s the same year the Girl Scouts governors, including South Carolina Gov. Nikki was founded, and a century later, with 3.2 million Haley. “Yet girls are still an untapped economic members and 50 million alumnae, it has grown to and social resource. Women make up half of the 5 Independence Pointe, Suite 120 become the world’s most successful organization population but hold just 17% of the elected offices Greenville dedicated to creating girl leaders. in the U.S. Congress and only 3% of CEO positions 800.849.GIRL To celebrate its first 100 years, Girl Scouts has of Fortune 500 companies,” says Kim Hutzell, declared 2012 the Year of the Girl to remind people President & CEO of Girl Scouts of South Carolina – of the advancements women have made through Mountains to Midlands. the years while pointing out issues that still need In the photo above, as an example of the attention. The goal of this initiative is to encourage organization’s focus on providing career paths, local all community members to help our daughters Girl Scouts are engaged in a robotics STEM activity reach their full potential as leaders in society. (science, technology, engineering and math). 56 behind the counter | 2012