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behind the counter | 2012 65 EquilifeMD E quilifeMD started with a vision and a mission they age. Most aging symptoms can be tracked back to the to make life better for Upstate folks at mid life! plummeting hormone levels we all endure after age 35. Kris Oakes and Ondrej Sliva, teamed up with Kris says “mid-life crisis is usually associated with renowned local Physician, Dr. Nancy Netter middle-aged men, sports cars and bad hair. “Guys 420 The Parkway, Suite N to create EquilifeMD. Making lives more livable is a Greer go through Andropause. Plummeting testosterone very personal mission for the three founders! 864.662.7655 causes many of the same symptoms. Guys lose our 855-NEED HRT Central to the EquilifeMD mission is a proven get up and go, ambition and sex drive. The couch medical procedure called Hormone Replacement and remote control become our lives.” Kris says Therapy (HRT). Supporting the community and the guys just “Fade away. BUT We don’t have to!” Bioidentical Hormone people of the Upstate by improving the quality of life Replacement Therapy 100% natural HRT just WORKS! The process starts is about as rewarding as it gets for the founders! with a free consultation, medical evaluation and Any woman who has had a hot flash will tell you, they some blood work. For more information or questions don’t want another! Most women endure hot flashes, night go to or 855-NEED-HRT to start sweats, mood swings, weight gain and low sex drive as putting more LIVE back in your life! Photograph by: Darrell Snow