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Photograph by: Carol Stewart Christian & Davis T wo generations at Christian & Davis are As strong advocates of clients’ rights, Christian making our community safer for generations & Davis attorneys take seriously the moral and to come. biblical responsibility to “Do Justice.” They’re These foresightful attorneys—Harold Christian, principled but aggressive, standing up for victims Ric Davis, and Harold’s sons Matt and Josh—not only of accidents, medical malpractice, workplace represent injured clients to obtain just compensation injuries, elder abuse and unfair business practices. 1007 E. Washington Street Greenville but also strive, wherever possible, to correct the These native Greenvillians are also committed to 864.232.7363 circumstances that led to those injuries. community service, supporting numerous youth, For example, when a 12-year-old pedestrian was church and charitable organizations and serving struck by a car due to a faulty traffic light—leaving on professional boards and committees. Attorneys her severely brain damaged—Christian & Davis Harold, Ric and Matt went to law school at USC— presented evidence to convince the jury to provide Josh went to Samford—but Ric’s loyalties remain compensation and to also demand corrective with his undergrad alma mater. Thus football season crossing signals at this and similar intersections to at Christian & Davis includes many a practiced help prevent the repeat of such a horrific accident. debate over the merits of Tigers vs. Gamecocks. 72 behind the counter | 2012