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Photograph by: Carrie Bass Dr. Gary P. Horvath W hen Dr. Gary Horvath marks his 20th and each chair has a computer all its own. Not only year in business this June, patients is paperless greener, according to Dr. Horvath, but will be invited to celebrate not only a it’s more efficient. He works hard to use the latest very successful practice, but an office technology in his treatments as well, utilizing new renovation. techniques for complicated procedures that reduce cost and risk. “Business is outstanding,” says Dr. Horvath, who credits a talented staff with a year that’s shaping up His business model is working – so much so that three as the busiest ever. Evidently recession-proof, Dr. of his current staff are former patients. They’ll feel 212 E. Blackstock Road, Spartanburg Horvath’s business is peopled by staff that he describes right at home with the new updated décor, which Dr. 209 E. South Street, Union 864.587.8000 as very service-oriented and particularly sensitive to Horvath promises will be designed to make patients patients’ time. feel welcome. Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5pm Running on time is aided by Dr. Horvath’s state-of-the- When not working, Dr. Horvath enjoys playing guitar, art technology. The practice is paperless, and no chart though he considers his wife, Fergie, a pianist and Orthodontist ever gets lost. Even the dental charts are digitized, singer, the true musician in the family. 80 behind the counter | 2012