Good Fruits for Healthier and Shining Skin

No exaggeration if many people find out about the fruit is good for the skin, because our skin is a reflection of our daily eating habits. No matter how much beauty product you use to cover your skin’s deficiency, if you do not consume enough healthy food to nourish your skin from the inside, your skin will still look dull, unhealthy, and unkempt. If you consume too much sugary and soft drinks, fast food, and refined snacks, it is very likely you often experience acne and dull skin.

8 Good Fruits for Leather It You Must Include in Your Diet Menu Everyday
“You are what you eat”. Anyone who sparked that sentence must have seen the fact that vegetables and fruits bring such benefits to the skin and the body as a whole. Here are 8 types of fruit that is good for the skin, which will make your skin healthier and look more radiant every day.

Apples are the most fruits containing malic acid. Malic acid, also known as alpha hydroxyl acid, is a relatively mild type of acid compared to some other types of acids commonly used in beauty treatments such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid. Malic acid works to make skin look firmer, healthier, and youthful by rejuvenating dead skin cells without damaging the skin tissue as a whole.

Apples are a good fruit for the skin, so you are advised to consume at least one apple a day. In addition to malic acid, apples are also rich in water and fiber. Fiber helps cleanse the colon and encourages the intestines to get rid of feces more regularly, which can indirectly affect the skin free of acne.
The avocado fruit that is widely processed into vegan mayonnaise contains very high nutrients, so much touted in the world of health as a “superfood”. Not only does it taste delicious (which allows you to eat it without the need to mix it with sugar or milk), but avocado also provides stunning benefits to the skin, whether you eat it, or when you put it directly on the face as a mask.

Avocado is a good fruit for the skin because it contains lots of biotin (which is also another name of vitamin B7). Biotin promotes regeneration and cell growth, which makes hair and nails grow faster. In addition to biotin, avocados contain vitamin E which is known to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight and pollution around us. Avocado also contains natural fatty acids that give effect lubrication on the skin, so the skin looks soft, elastic, and shine.

A good fruit for the skin next is a banana, which of course we are already familiar. Nutrient content in bananas works by maintaining skin elasticity and moisture, prevents fine wrinkling and premature aging, softens and rejuvenates, and removes black stains on the face.

In bananas there is a high potassium / potassium content, which helps soften and prevent skin dryness so that the skin looks more healthy, elastic, and youthful. In addition to potassium, bananas also contain various nutrients that are good for the skin such as vitamins A, B, and E.


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